Teacher Hiring Supprt Center


Ms. P
Elementary Teacher, Brooklyn 

"I am writing to say thank you and let you all know that I was hired by an elementary school in Brooklyn. I met with representatives from the school at the July 17 Teacher Recruitment Fair at Columbia University. As suggested by your team, I followed up with thank you emails and was able to meet with the principal later that month. I was called this past Tuesday, August 7, 2012 with news that I got the job!

Thank you for all the support. I want to share the good news with you and all excessed teachers who are still searching.  Good Luck and Don't Give Up!!"


Mrs. H
ELA Teacher, Manhattan

“The end of my first year was approaching fast and I was satisfied. I learned how to balance it all and touched a few lives along the way. too. Although I loved my new gig, I was looking forward to every day of my 7 week vacation so I could rejuvenate and do it all again the next school year. But all my summer planning was interrupted when I received my excess letter. Before I read that piece of paper I had no idea what excessing was. That letter single-handedly ruined my first year of teaching; I felt horrible. I was certain it was a personal attack against me, no matter how much I was told it wasn’t.

I had to stop all my summer plans in their tracks and begin a massive job search. I wanted to secure a new school as soon as possible because I was not comfortable with being a taxi-cab teacher, bouncing from school to school. The search was grueling, but Open Market and the Teacher Recruitment fairs, were guiding lights. Instead of making cold calls and stopping by every school in the Bronx, I was able to narrow my search and target the schools where I really wanted to teach. Eventually, after over a dozen interviews (all landed through Open Market contact), I met the hiring official of my second school at a recruitment fair. I interviewed the day after meeting her, and signed on to work with that school the same day. Although excessing can take some of the oomph out of your summer fun, it is most certainly not the end of the world. In fact, I enjoy working in my new school a lot more than I did my old one.”


Mr. R
Music Teacher, Brooklyn

"Thank you to the Teacher Hiring Support Center of the Office the NYCDOE Teacher Recruitment and Quality. THSC represents a committed team of professionals who humanize and preserve the integrity of all teachers who wish to succeed - and seek out new and meaningful ways to give children the best talent that the City has to offer."


Mr. M
Math Teacher, Brooklyn

"If used the correct way, Open Market can give a teacher many opportunities to interview. The year I moved from the Bronx to Brooklyn to teach math, I had about three interviews and I went to a job fair that yielded five interviews. Open Market is one of the best parts of being a NYC teacher because you have flexibility to get into an environment that you can thrive in. I also used Open Market this year to transfer one more time -- trust me this system really works!”


Mrs. B
Elementary Teacher, Manhattan

"Thank you for your email and help with informing me of my reabsorbed status at my school. I spoke to an ambassador yesterday who informed me about this email, which was great news! I appreciate you following through on this matter as you had promised you would and keeping the other ambassadors involved too. It was a comfort and a help to know others were interested in my situation and were there to help me as well. Many thanks!"